Creative at Heart Conference: Design & Calligraphy for Denver Name Tags


When I was asked to design name tags for the Creative at Heart Conference Round 5 in Denver, Colorado, I was beyond excited! I attended Creative at Heart Round 4 in Annapolis, Maryland in March. That conference gave SO much to me so I knew I had to give back something super special for this round’s attendees.

The only design direction I was given for the name tags was that they wanted them to have a "Denver vibe". I knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate the beautiful Denver skyline in a fun and whimsical way. I also remember being an attendee at the conference and feeling super special when I opened up all of my sponsor gifts. So to add an extra touch of personalization, I hand-calligraphed each attendee’s name on their name tag using my calligraphy nib and black ink. I heard from several conference attendees that the name tags were a huge hit! 

If you are curious about Creative at Heart Conference, learn more about their heart and mission here. Interested in attending? Their next conference, Creative at Heart Round 6, is November 13–14 in Memphis, Tennessee! I assure you it is completely worth the investment. You will leave with new friends in the creative industry, a wealth of inspiration, a list of new goals, and a full heart!

Photos by Alicia Lacey Photography