My Favorite Modern Calligraphy Supplies for Beginners

If you have been wanting to learn modern calligraphy or you are interested in trying out new tools, today I’m sharing a list of my favorite basic calligraphy supplies for beginners and the links to purchase them so you can start practicing ASAP! The first time I ever picked up a calligraphy pen and nib was five years ago when I took my first in-person calligraphy class. Over the past five years, I have continued to use the same calligraphy supplies when I practice. Why you ask? Because these supplies work and they produce fantastic results! They are also very reliable and super affordable. Let's take a look!



Why I love it:
The reason why the Oblique Speedball pen holder is shaped the way it is, is so that you are able to achieve the correct writing slant (approximately 55 degree angle) in a comfortable way. The reason why I use this pen holder: this is the exact pen holder that I used when I first learned to write calligraphy! This pen holder is made from plastic so it’s lightweight and I find it very comfortable to hold. As a right-handed calligrapher, it has always worked well for me! 

Don’t love the oblique pen holder? Try the straight pen holder instead!



Why I love it:
The Nikko G nib is strong, firm and extremely flexible which means you are able to achieve a beautiful variation between your thick downstrokes and your thin hairline up-strokes. The tip of the nib is not too sharp, so the nib doesn’t snag on most smooth papers. A wonderful nib for beginners and well-seasoned calligraphers!

If you want to sample other nibs but you don't know where to start, I recommend purchasing the Copperplate Nib Sampler from Paper & Ink Arts. This is a great way to test out several different nibs to see what works best for you.



Why I love it:
Moon Palace Sumi Ink is very smooth and opaque. Does not bleed on most envelopes. Has a bit of a glossy finish to it when it dries which is an effect you certainly cannot get from printed calligraphy.


Why I love it:
Canson Pro Layout marker paper has a very smooth surface. The paper is slightly transparent, but not super transparent so it’s a bit thicker and sturdier than regular tracing paper. I use this paper for all of my calligraphy sketches. The 9” x 12” size pad has been a very comfortable size for me to work with!


Although these supplies work best for me, they might not work best for you and that's okay! I encourage you to test different supplies until you find something that you are comfortable working with and that you love. I hope you find this list helpful!  

Do you use any of the same calligraphy supplies that I listed above? Comment below and let me know!

Interested in taking an in-person calligraphy workshop? I teach workshops seasonally in and around the Raleigh area. See what’s coming here!


Photo credit: Ally & Bobby Photography
Workshop: The School of Styling Greensboro, March 2018
Venue: The McAlister-Leftwich House